Attorneys at The Knoer Group, PLLC have been involved in corporate structuring, governance, and consulting with business clients for over 25 years. We have helped businesses grow and reorganize, and assisted businesses in dealing with their clients and customers, vendors, and suppliers, as well as regulators.

Choice of Entity

There are many types of business entities, ranging from sole proprietorships to multilayered holding company arrangements with subsidiary entities. A business today can be formed as a corporation, a limited liability company, a partnership, a limited liability partnership, or sole proprietorship. The decision as to the best form of entity for any particular business venture is based on a number of factors, including the means of capitalization, the number of parties, the need to limit or isolate risk, the appropriate complexity based on the business purpose, and others.

At The Knoer Group, PLLC, we help clients determine the best form of entity for themselves.

One of the main reasons clients incorporate or form a separate corporate entity is to protect or limit liability. This can also be accomplished to a great extent through insurance. When a client determines a business venture, it is important to analyze the cost of maintaining a corporate structure versus insurance to protect against risk. If a client is looking to open a business which projects rapid growth and a need for capital quickly, it may be necessary to create a structure which will allow for an expansion of members for purposes of capital infusion.

The corporate governance of business requires that certain documents be filed on a regular basis and that the corporation act indeed as a separate entity from its members. Once a business entity has been formed, we assist clients in maintaining that corporate structure in the proper fashion.

Managed Expectations

It is our belief that a good relationship is one that is forged on trust and “managed expectations.”

Often, individuals enter into a business enterprise, or a business enters into an agreement with another business, and the parties have differing expectations regarding their respective goals and responsibilities.

It is important to establish a clear vision of what the rights and responsibilities of individuals are when forming a business, joining a business, or being employed by a business.

At The Knoer Group, PLLC, we do not consider ourselves to be our clients’ “cheerleaders”. We are not here to support everything a client may do and say. We believe that it is our job to provide you with a reasoned legal analysis of the facts as you present them, and of any written or oral agreements that may come to bear. Sometimes we have to tell our clients things they do not want to hear. It is, however, not in our client’s best interest, nor ours, to operate under false assumptions about the strength and weakness of everyone’s position.

We strive to have an open relationship with our clients.